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Spin off ESL Games

Spin off - Let the big wheel turn and students answer questions in teams. Resizable groups. Can be customized to suit both classroom and individual learning. Put students into teams and play or simply choose single player option.

Classroom Fun Games for Teaching English to Kids

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Revision Spin Off Games from

Level 1 - Lower Beginner Revision

This games has 53 questions to help you practice vocabulary, grammar and sentences of Level 1.

Level 2 - Higher Beginner Revision

This games has 50 questions to help you practice vocabulary, grammar and sentences of Level 2.

Level 3 - Lower Elementary Revision

This games has 69 questions to help you practice vocabulary, grammar and sentences of Level 3.

Level 4 Higher Elementary Revision

This games has 59 questions to help you practice vocabulary, grammar and sentences of Level 4.

Level 5 Pre-intermediate Revision

This games has 58 questions to help you practice vocabulary, grammar and sentences of Level 5.

Level 6 Pre-intermediate/Lower Intermediate Revision

This games has 49 questions to help you practice vocabulary, grammar and sentences of Level 6.

Low Level Games

Medium/High Level Games

  1. Geography Spin wheel Game : Countries, Cities, Continents, Natural World & Landmarks

Jeopardy Quiz Show ESL Games

This jeopardy quiz show rocks! The teacher puts students into teams represented by different characters and play. Students earn points, 100 - 500 for questions answered. Choose a topics and proceed. Excellent but not limited to review.

Easy Level Games

  1. Beginner Review- Animals, colours, Fruits and Numbers
  2. Hobbies, Activities and sports Quiz Show Games
  3. Transportation, Jobs, Places and Daily Routines

Medium/High Level Games

  1. Irregular Past Simple Verb Tense Quiz Show
  2. Verb Tenses - Past Simple, Future, Present Perfect
  3. Word Building Quiz Games - Adjectives Opposites, Synonyms, Prefixes, Suffixes, Extreme Adjectives

Billionaire ESL Games

Win billions by answering questions. Can be played in groups of two or choose single player option for self-study. Very flexible for use in the classroom. Teachers can enter points, deduct points and change teams according to different questions.

Easy Level Billionaire Games

  1. Present Tenses Action Verbs Grammar Billionaire Game - with pictures of the actions, students choose the correct action.
  2. Prepositions of place - in, on, under, behind, in front of, next to
  3. Food Partitives/Quantifiers Billionaire Game - a slice of, a piece of, a glass of, a cup of
  4. Singular Plurals of Nouns - Billionaire Game

Medium/High Level Billionaire Games

  1. Countries vocabulary Billionaire Game - Can you recognize countries by flags?
  2. Countries and Nationalities Billionaire Games - Someone from Netherlands is ______
  3. Conditionals Billionaire Game - First, second, third and zero conditionals practice Games

Show Down ESL Games

A question is asked and the team has a few seconds to tell the answer. If they give the correct answer, the teacher reveals it and enter points according to the answer. Students compete in teams and win.

Easy Level Show Down Games

  1. Adjectives opposites1 - What is the opposite of ...? Answer and score 10 points
  2. Adjectives opposites2 - What is the opposite of ...? Answer and score 10 points
  3. Adjectives opposites3 - What is the opposite of ...? Answer and score 10 points

Medium to High Level Show Down Games

  1. Verb Forms - Name 5 forms of the verb TO SING - Sing, Sings, Sang, Singing and Sung - 10 points


Text-Only Memory Games

Assorted Vocabulary Games - Snakes and Ladders, Mazes, Matching, Quizzes etc.


ESL Powerpoint (PPT) Games

If you are the type of person who prefers to have games on powerpoint or as printable handouts, we have been thinking of you. We offer board games, powerpoint games and more for the classroom and one to one teaching. They have made my lessons fun and I have no doubt yours will be fun too. Added to the good news are the templates we offer that you can use to create customized games for your classroom and teaching.

It is total fun and highly engaging fun lessons with these resources. Games have the power or eliminating negative emotions and keeping learning total fun.With the absence of the affective filter, learning is much more effective.Visit this page.

Printable ESL Board and Card Games

We offer a variety of printable ESL board games and card games to help give your students lots of communicative practice. These games are in printable ESL PDF and MS Word formats. All of these games have been used in ESL classrooms and trust me when I say they work great. We have games like the Crocodile Board Games, Pirate Game, Round Table Card Game, Q and A Card Game, Power Cards and more games of our creation. Visit this page.

ESL Board & Powerpoint Games Templates

ESL Game Templates - Powerpoint and Word Game Templates

On ESL Games World we do not only aim at providing you with games for your classrooms. We have taken a step further to offer you free ESL games templates to empower you with the tools to make your own exercises. Create Powerpoint and Printable Games in minutes. We understand that you may not have too much time for planning a lesson. This is why we offer you our most precious game templates for free. Create your own exercises using our highly intuitive game templates. With our templates, creating materials have never been easier. You will create customized games to practice the language focus of your lessons.

Classroom Tools - Click Here!

Get some cool tools for use in your classroom. There are timers here and gadgets that are useful to both ESL teachers and students.